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Operations Manager

John Albright learned a great deal about hard work from his father Irv Albright. John was born right around the time his father stepped into the Roofing Industry and has been able to get an inside look at it from early on. John attended St Pete Collegiate High School at the St Petersburg College Gibbs campus where there was no school on fridays. While some students spent their fridays off for themselves, John worked with his dad and learned what it meant to put in a hard days work. After graduating High School with his Associates Degree he dove right into learning the ins and outs of the family business. Growing up watching his dad come home sometimes sunburnt from roofing in the Florida heat, John knew that being a good owner of a company involved more than just doing paperwork, it required taking the lead on all aspects of the job. John followed suit and always applied himself with all aspects of the business, whether it was estimating a roof or tearing it off. With almost a decades worth of full time roofing experience, John is the operations manager of Irv Albright roofing and looks forward to taking over the family business.



Irv Albright, A Florida native, has always had a passion for hard work. From a young age, he learned the value of a hard days work. From picking berries, to a successful career as a car body man. Whatever he did for work, he made sure he gave it his all and that everyday counted. In 1992 Irv had decided he had enough of auto body and started his first roofing business. After over a decade of building a successful name for himself, he sold the company and started an early retirement. But that passion for hard work wouldn’t let that retirement last long. Irv came back to the roofing industry and started a new company, Irv Albright Roofing. Now with the help of his son, John Albright, Irv services Pinellas County with exceptional roof work, fueled by that same passion and almost 3 Decades of experience. 

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